"CSR - Corporate Social Responsability" 

 The CSR-Corporate Social Responsability is a commitment in which we believe deeply. 

 Cometox thinks that the respect of the society and of the expectations of stakeholders (customers, human resources, sponsors, non-profit associations etc..) not only increase the economic value of a company, but must be an integral part of  the core of business.

The social, environmental and economic values have always been considered as the three fundamental aspects of the company on which is founded the daily work. 

One of the main efforts is the research of a balanced and mutual relationship with every interlocutor, whether insider or outsider of the company, keeping into consideration also the impact of our company on stakeholder themselves.

What we describe so far results in real and tangible actions in the following fields:

 Ø      Environmental Preservation

Cometox’ strategy centres upon the following actions:

 Recycling and waste containment. The company applies a  waste differentation in its offices.

 Collection of electrical and electronic appliances. Cometox collects and dumps its old RAEE appliances in collaboration with specialized companies that reclaim that kind of materials.

 Moreover we collaborate with the company Comprocellulari.it, which buys old company mobile phones.

 Chemical products and metals disposal. Cometox disposes its wastes respecting regulations and the environment.

 Ø      Human Aid

Our collaboration with Onlus Associations, as OSF (Opera San Francesco for poors - www.operasanfrancesco.it) and PIMEdit Onlus (www.pimedit.com) allowed us to help the needy, encouraging Associations to continue their activities.           

 Since many years our company prefers to make donations for Christmas, instead of sending useless gifts, as gadgets to its stakeholders.

 Ø      Work Environment

Cometox has always tried to create a comfortable, productive and untroubled work enviroment.

 Our effort aims to achieve such objective everywhere in our company.

Undoubtedly our philosophy, in such field, boost enterprise and try to follow the professional growth of each collaborator belonging to our team.

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